Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Announcement - ATTENTION pls~

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Pls send your greetings to Li Yeh as he has two songs qualified for this year “Jin Feng Jiang" song composing competition.

Erm, as he did mentioned that he is looking for a band now so, if u think u can help up, just let him know or u r interested to give a helping hand to participate in this competition with him, pls voice up.

Li Yeh, u may share with us if u have any special criteria to search for your band members.
I'm sure all of us here will help u to search for an answer.
Once again..congratulations to u for having 2 songs to qualified in the semifinal ya~
Add oil ya~ :)

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Clarence said...

Thank you PEPSI! I really appreaciate what you had done. I'll 'Add Oil'! Thanks